What are the Estonian Job seekers looking for in 2018?

The Estonian job market has been a job seekers market for some time already, leaving candidates in a very strong bargaining position.

In 2018, candidates in IT, customer service and sales can be especially difficult to find, whereas administrative positions and mid-level management positions are much easier to fill.

Recruiters are having to adapt to this situation which means that in some cases they don’t ask candidates whether they are open to the latest jobs on offer, but rather ask which terms they might consider in order to take a new position.

There is a high possibility that in the future, filling technical positions will become more and more automated, with recruiters only being involved in the later stages. Candidates could take a test which determines their seniority level as a developer and what kind of team would fit them best. Only then will the candidate meet with a recruiter who will evaluate whether the data is correct, and progress the candidate forward.

The desire to work for a start-up still isn’t very common among Estonian candidates, recruiters tend to find that candidates want to work for bigger companies with a strong organizational culture and traditions. However, recruitment experts are beginning to find that working for a start-up does appeal to the younger generation.

Younger candidates tend to look for companies with young leaders, a flat hierarchy, flexibility and innovation. In addition, they look for the chance to join a small team, where they can be part of something important and make a difference. Change can also be attractive.

Growing trends in candidates wish lists are flexible working hours, working from home, extra vacation days or even a part-time position that allows them to have more time for hobbies. Even stability of the workplace is losing its importance to some members of the younger generation. They don’t need their own office necessarily. If they can work anywhere they can lay their laptop, it is enough for them.

If young people are starting to prefer soft values, freedom and flat organization, the older generation continues to prefer a senior leader to a young one, their own office to an open plan office and regular working hours to more flexible ones. The older generation also prefers to apply for a company with long history and traditions.

How highly candidates value different things is also industry-dependent. The public sector, customer service, production and sales still consider a good salary to be the most important thing, but in IT, banking, telecoms, engineering and management industries, so-called “soft values” and time to oneself is becoming more important.

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