What's new and trending in the world of job postings?

Are you hiring? Contemplating how to craft a job advertisement that will capture the attention of the candidates you're seeking? Let's delve into the prevailing trends currently shaping the landscape of job postings:

  1. Gender-inclusive language: In Lithuania some employers deliberately begin job descriptions with feminine endings, either to promote gender balance within their organization or to differentiate their job ads from others.
  2. Emphasis on company values: There's a noticeable uptick in job postings that prioritize revealing the core values of the company. Companies strive to articulate their values in a straightforward and heartfelt manner, steering clear of overly formal or corporate language. For candidates, this presents an excellent opportunity to gauge alignment between their own values and those of the prospective employer.
  3. Informal tone: Increasingly, companies are opting for a less formal and more friendly tone in their job postings, addressing potential candidates in the second person ("you"). This approach, while perhaps not universally appealing, undeniably garners heightened attention from job seekers.
  4. Balance of duties and responsibilities: An interesting correlation emerges between the length of duty descriptions and the depth of requirements. Succinct descriptions of job duties are often accompanied by extensive lists of qualifications, and vice versa. In essence, job responsibilities and requirements maintain healthy proportion.
  5. Tailored employer value proposition: Indeed, some job postings now commence with an outline of what the company offers prospective employees, followed by detailed job duties and qualifications. This strategic shift is largely influenced by the fiercely competitive nature of the job market.
  6. Flexibility in requirements: Acknowledging the evolving dynamics of the job market, employers are increasingly inclined to adjust their requirements from "mandatory" to "preferred." This shift reflects a pragmatic response to the challenge of finding candidates who perfectly match all prerequisites.
  7. Emphasis on simplicity: The trend is shifting away from "HEAVY AND COMPLEX" job postings towards concise, tailored advertisements designed to captivate and attract candidates rather than threat them.
  8. Employer branding: Job postings serve as a powerful tool for shaping and fortifying employer brand. Across various industries, there's a growing emphasis on projecting an image of humanity, transparency, and openness.

What trends in job posting writing have you observed?