What’s trending in the minds of Latvian job seekers in 2018?

Around half of the Latvian companies that replied to a survey on employment trends told our colleagues at CV-Online Latvia that they were planning to hire this year. That’s due to the economy's rapid growth over the last 12 months which has left firms excited about expanding and building their businesses by bringing in new talent. 

Thanks to this growth, job seekers are likely to see open positions in every sector, as well as on each of the different rungs of the corporate ladder. This will further reinforce the strong position great candidates have when seeking their next job. That means it will remain something of a job seeker’s market, rather than the other way around. 

Although salary continues to be the most important thing in regards to choosing to accept a position, other benefits are becoming increasingly important. Companies are offering free lunches, gym memberships, mobile phones, internet contracts and all kinds of other benefits to keep their salary levels attractive but reasonable. There’s also one non-financial benefit that’s catching people’s attention; the location of the job or the possibility of working remotely. This usually saves the employee money in travel expenses but has also become something of a norm in the minds of some of the newer workforce.

Even the way people apply for jobs is slowly changing. At CV-Online, around 40% of job applications are completed using mobile devices. This has led to companies being more interested in running mobile recruitment campaigns where a mobile-friendly website together with “One Click” application system is important. It’s a solid move to attract great applicants. 

What kind of companies are job seekers looking at? 

Most high-quality candidates find a reputable company with a strong organisational culture to be one of the most attractive characteristics. Positive candidate experiences, either their own or those of people in their network, are also truly valuable when helping people make the decision to apply or accept a position. And of course, international companies will always remain attractive to candidates. 

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, there are “non-monetary” things the employee values too. The employee expects their dream employer to be one that offers educational possibilities, the chance to grow within the company, friendly colleagues and a modern office with professional management.

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