helps Ukrainian refugees to find job

Alma Media continues its support to Ukraininas: Alma Career published tailored job portal for Ukrainian job seekers seekers Alma Media’s business segment Alma Career specialized in job portals and recruiting solutions, has published a job portal Workania.eufor Ukrainian job seeker refugees entering the Career countries in the Eastern Central Europe. Alma Career countries Czechia and Slovakia have created the service, which incorporates the jobs suitable for Ukrainians from Alma Career local job portals.

Alma Career countries have offered relevant job opportunities for Ukrainians in their country specific job portals right after the war started and now service integrates these in one umbrella portal.  At first state the job offers are collected from Alma Career job board services in Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland:,,,, and The Baltic countries and Finland will integrate job adds suitable for Ukrainians from their local job portals to the service over the coming weeks. Alma Career recruiting network in Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Finland reach some 175 000 companies in job advertising (2021).  

“There are over 7000 job offers today in service and the number of available job opportunities as well as traffic is constantly growing. The refugee flow from Ukraine to Czechia, Slovakia and Poland is now around 3M of which we estimate some 40–50 % will be looking for a job. There is an urgent need to provide help in finding jobs for the refugees since we don’t know how long the war will last and refugee numbers are already in millions in Eastern European countries,” comments Alma Career Central director Milan Jasný of Czechia.    

 The jobs available for Ukrainians in service vary from IT work to receptionist, auto mechanicians, studio stylists and include job titles like HR administrator, electrician, SAP specialist and construction worker.     

 The service is in Ukrainian language with language versions also in Czech and Slovak. also provides free assistance in finding a vacancy directly in the Ukrainian language through customer service in Slovakia with refugees from Ukraine employed there.  

 “ service has been created to support Ukrainians in the middle of humanitarian crisis and that is its main function. At the same time service is a concrete example of the increasing co-operation and operational efficiency and scale of Alma Career countries laying also a foundation for joint product development. Together the countries can make a stronger impact than they could alone,” comments Alma Career director Vesa-Pekka Kirsi.