Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unemployment Rate
Average Salary
652 EUR
Economically Active Population
1.36 million
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About Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved significant progress since the mid-1990s. Currently, it holds the status of a potential candidate country for the European Union, embarking on a fresh growth trajectory during a period marked by sluggish economic expansion and the global financial crisis. This nation boasts one of the most linguistically diverse workforces in Europe, a valuable asset that remains cost-effective in comparison to many European counterparts. This language flexibility renders it an attractive destination for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

Skilled professionals are abundant across various sectors, encompassing IT, engineering, healthcare, finance and administration, underscoring the nation's capacity to cater to diverse industry needs. 


Whole country: 17.20%
Capital city: 13%
Average salary
Whole country: 652 EUR
Capital city: 810 EUR
Population: 3.24 million
Economically active population: 1.36 million
Education split
Primary education: 21.4%
Secondary education: 51.8%
Tertiary education: 12.7%
Other: 14.1%
Convertible mark (BAM)
Strongest industries
Construction Distribution/FMCG