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Established in 2000, MojPosao.net is the number one job board in Croatia. It is also in the top 15 most visited websites in Croatia. MojPosao.net offers a wide range of solutions including a large CV database, candidate pre-selection tool and employer branding. With a working population known for strong English and German-speaking skills - and over 70% of employees willing to work abroad - Croatia’s talent is attractive to employers in many different sectors.

Did you know:
Company introduction and employees testimonials are affecting on the candidates response as well as benefits offered to them.  

Statistics from www.moj-posao.net

  • Unique visitors / month

  • CV Database


  • Average monthly salary: 948
  • Unemployment rate: 7,5 %
  • Population: 4.1 M
  • Member of EU: Yes

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Biggest industries

  • Sales
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing

Recruitment tips:

Look like you
  • Make your ad match your company’s visual identity, or let our experts do that for you.
Make use of the experts
  • Let us put you in contact with a consultant who can suggest the most effective solutions to match your specific needs, a simple job ad is not always enough!
Be open
  • Include the salary on the job ad to attract more applications.

*Salaries vary between locations and industries. Visit www.paylab.com to learn more about salaries.

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