Unemployment Rate
Average Salary
1 562 EUR
Economically Active Population
1.70 million
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About Croatia

The workforce in Croatia is considered one of the most affordable and competitive in the European Union. 49% of Croatians speak English and workers from Croatia are professional and easy to negotiate with. Croatia boasts a strong education system with a notable focus on technical expertise. Consequently, a substantial proportion of Croatian professionals hold university degrees and exhibit proficiency in multiple languages. This varied skill set renders them well-suited to a wide array of roles across a range of industries.   

Moreover, Croatia offers a lower cost of living compared to many other European countries, resulting in generally more competitive wage levels. This cost advantage makes hiring in Croatia an economically sound choice for businesses seeking to optimize labor expenses. Croatian workers are renowned for their unwavering work ethic and commitment to their tasks.   

Their exceptional adaptability also positions them favorably in dynamic and fast-paced work environments. In summary, recruiting remote workers from Croatia can prove to be a strategic move for companies aiming to leverage a skilled, cost-efficient, and dedicated workforce in a strategic location. 


Whole country: 5.60%
Capital city: 2.60%
Average salary
Whole country: 1 562 EUR
Capital city: 1 885 EUR
Population: 3.89 million
Economically active population: 1.70 million
Education split
Primary or less: 20%
Secondary education: 55.5%
College: 24,1%
Strongest industries
Manufacturing industry