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CV Database

The leading job board in Romania.
The largest and current offer of jobs in Montenegro.
Number 1 job portal in Croatia.
A free mobile app for job posting and job search!
Number one job portal in Latvia.
One of the most popular and fastest growing job portals in Latvia.
The leading job board in Serbia.
The largest database of IT jobs and experiences of IT employers in Serbia.
Platform for young people at the beginning of their career.
One of leading job ads portals in Lithuania.
Leading job board in Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than 20 years of experience.
Find the right fit. is job portal with the best network of employers & candidates in Estonia.
All job offers in Estonia from five different channels.
The leading job portal in North Macedonia.
Job and Career Services Platform to help employers find and hire the right persona in Balkan region.
One of the top leading job portals in Slovenia.
Number one in the Czech job market, where you can find specialists.
A place where millions of people in the Czech Republic are searching for work.
Better jobs for everyone.
Job portal for the education sector.
The availability of solutions varies by market. If you can’t find a suitable option, contact us and we'll tailor one for you.

Discover qualified candidates with our CV Database

Looking for a specialized tool designed for recruiters and HR professionals? Our CV Database is just that. It offers a range of features, from searching for suitable candidates for your open positions to monitoring job market trends and creating a pool of qualified individuals. The CV databases for the markets where we operate include people seeking jobs both actively and passively. Filter by education level, work experience, or skills and abilities.

How does it work?

Choose one or more markets where you want to access the CV database. From Northern to Southern Europe, our databases contain tens of thousands of candidates from various professions and industries.