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Salary & HR Data

Be sure to maker right salary decisions.
Data for salary decisions.
Be sure to maker right salary decisions.
International salary survey platform on the incomes and bonuses of employees in various positions.
The availability of solutions varies by market. If you can’t find a suitable option, contact us and we'll tailor one for you.

Improve your recruitment with enhanced data insights

Optimize your recruitment process with the power of robust data. As our job portals are at the forefront of the market, we possess an extensive wealth of recruitment data. Complemented by our salary data tools, you will be able to efficiently calibrate your compensation policies even on new markets.

We supplement this information with data from local statistical offices and ministries, providing you with a comprehensive view of the local job landscape. This enables you to strategically align your HR approach with precision.

Gain comprehensive insights into the local world of work

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of position feasibility and benchmark your performance against competitors. This tool enables a comparison of chosen recruitment metrics with your competitors, allowing filters for industry, profession, region, and timeframe.

Our salary data products provide invaluable assistance in aligning candidate and employee salary expectations with your compensation capabilities. These services offer a genuine view into prevailing compensation practices within the job market.

Furthermore, we augment this information with data sourced from local statistical offices and ministries, enabling you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the local employment landscape and effectively shape your HR strategy.