1.1  Alma Career Czechia s.r.o., with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, the Czech Republic, ID No. 264 41 381, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 82484 (“Alma Career”), issues these Alma Career General Terms and Conditions for Businesses (“GTC”) that apply to relationships between Alma Career and businesses during a use of Electronic Systems or the provision of Services as defined below.

1.2  The provider of Electronic Systems and Services is Alma Career.

1.3  The relationship between Alma Career and the Client is governed by

(b)  Product Terms as defined below,

(c)  Data Processing Agreement as defined below,

(d)  documents referred to by these GTC or any applicable Product Terms, and

(e)  applicable laws.

1.4  If personal data is processed by Alma Career as a personal data processor during providing the Service, such processing is governed by the Data Processing Agreement, unless otherwise agreed. Alma Career may require Users to consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of processing personal data or enter into a separate contractual relationship with the User for the purposes set out in the relevant notice. Alma Career may perform other rights and duties arising from the Alma Career’s status as the controller or processor of personal data.

1.5   An information about the processing of personal data by Alma Career is available in the Privacy Policy (

1.6 Alma Career's current contact and billing information is available at

1.7  An informative English translation of these GTC is available at In case of discrepancies between the English or other foreign language version, the Czech language version shall prevail.


2.1 The terms used in these GTC have the following meaning:

(a)  Electronic Systems: websites or other computer programmes (including mobile applications) and related databases provided by Alma Career.

(b)  Advertisement: a presentation of an offer, e.g. job vacancies demanded by the Client, which is displayed in the Electronic Systems under the terms of the Agreement.

(c)  Client: a business who concluded an Agreement with Alma Career to provide Services, including the Agent.

(d)  Response Systems: Client’s electronic systems allowing users to submit responses to Advertisements.

(e)  Product Terms ( conditions/product-terms): the terms and conditions of specific Services.

(f)  Registration: the contractual relationship between Alma Career and the Client, which arises upon the creation of a registration in accordance with the provisions of these GTC relating to registration.

(g)  Service: any Alma Career service offered and provided within the Electronic Systems or a service provided directly by the Alma Career representatives or its authorised agents, particularly services listed in these GTC.

(h)  Agreement: the legal relationship between Alma Career and the Client in any form, i.e. in the form of a paper or electronic order.

(i)  Data Processing Agreement ( conditions/personal-data-processing): the terms and conditions of personal data processing in connection with the Agreement.

(j)  Parties: parties to the Agreement, i.e. Alma Career as defined above and the Client.

(k)  GTC ( these Alma Career General Terms and Conditions for Businesses.

(l)  Foreign Job Portals: servers with job offers or vacancies outside the Czech Republic that are not operated by Alma Career.

(m) Agent: a Client that is looking for job applicants for third parties through the Electronic Systems, e.g. a recruitment agency.


3.1  Advertising, Data Processing, Data Evaluation and Other Statistics:

(a)  publication of Advertisements and automated processing of human resources data using an Electronic System,

(b)  arrangement of the automated publication of Advertisementson Foreign Job Portals,

(c)  allowing the Clients to access the database of job applicants’ CVs for the purpose of offering jobs,

(d)  advertising Services on the Internet, related to the labour market (personnel advertising, personnel consultancy, recruitment of employees) consisting of the creation, technical implementation and presentation of the advertising space in the Electronic Systems,

(e)  providingsalaryanalysis-salaryreports,

(f)  other Services related to labour market prospects as may be offered by Alma Career.

3.2  Educational Services:

(a)  on-line educational training via Electronic Systems,

(b)  other educational services in human resources and other areas as may be offered by Alma Career.

3.3  Consultancy Services: human resources consultancy and other Services related to labour market consultancy, or similar Services as may be offered by Alma Career.

3.4  Intermediation Services: intermediation Services as agreed between Alma Career and the Client.


4.1  Clients must present:

(a)  Information that does not cause any harm to third parties and Alma Career, and

(b)  Clear and sufficiently specific information that, in particular, will not lead to a false impression regarding the nature of persons or jobs being offered and demanded.

4.2  The Client that has stored the presented information in the Electronic Systems shall be liable for the content thereof. Alma Career may keep information on data entry in the Electronic Systems enabling clear identification of a specific Client.

4.3  Information obtained in accordance with the Agreement can be used by Alma Career to resolve any dispute with the Client resulting from the disclosure of false information or to prevent the use of the Electronic Systems by the Client that has disclosed information contrary to these Terms.

4.4  The data provided to Alma Career in relation to the Agreement may be publicly available if necessary for providing the Service or such publication is part of the Service; Article 9 of the GTC does not apply in such extent.


5.1 Alma Career is not obliged to provide Services if:

(a)  Servicesor Advertisements contain information that is in conflict with the applicable law, general ethical rules, public order or good morals,

(b)  Advertisements contain sexually suggestive information as well as job offers or part- time jobs that involve sexual services,

(c)  The Advertisement is incomplete or misleading or contains false information or otherwise reduces the level of Services provided by the Electronic Systems,

(d)  An intermediation of jobs by the Client is subject to the payment of a manipulation fee,

(e)  Advertisements contain job offers involving multi-level-marketing(MLM),

(f)  Advertisements contain general and commercial information on the Client’s products which might be considered advertisement (e.g. “we offer au-pairs”, “let the Internet make money for you”, or “I will do it for remuneration” etc.),

(g)  there are more job positions, part-time job positions, Clients or other potential employers mentioned in one Advertisement; if this duty is breached, Alma Career is entitled to be paid the full price of another Advertisement for each additional job offer (position) or Client or other potential employers mentioned in the text of the Advertisement; if the Advertisement is published based on a subscription, Alma Career is entitled to take the full number of credits for each additional job offer (position) or Client or other potential employers which should normally be published as separate Advertisements,

(h) the information is presented contrary to common practices and regulations for filling input forms (e.g. using asterisks, emoji, underscores and other special characters in the job title),

(i)  information or CVs of third parties are presented without their knowledge,

(j)  the information may harm the reputation of Alma Career or other natural or legal persons,

(k)  the Advertisement contains a direct Internet link to Client’s job positions offers or links to forms requiring registration and advertising communications inviting people to registration,

(l)  Advertisements do not comply with the principles of equal treatment, in particular if they consist of a prohibition of discrimination on grounds of sex, religion or belief, race, membership of a national or ethnic group, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital or family status, colour, language, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status, or on the grounds of reporting a crime or other anti-social behaviour.

5.2  Alma Career may review the content of any information presented by the Client according to Article 4 and 5 of the GTC. Alma Career may notify the Client of a breach of Article 4 and 5 of the GTC and request an immediate remedy, or to remove such information from the Electronic Systems even without Client’s consent or prior notification. In case of breach of Article 4 and 5 of the GTC, Alma Career is entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement without notice, including termination the Services. and request an immediate remedy, or to remove such information from the Electronic Systems even without Client’s consent or prior notification. In case of breach of Article 4 and 5 of the GTC, Alma Career is entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement without notice, including termination the Services.

5.3  Alma Career hereby explicitly reserves its right to review the Response Systems in the course of providing the Services. Alma Career also reserves its right to prevent the use of the Response Systems that are confusing or complicated for the applicants interested in offered jobs or may give the applicants a negative impression of Alma Career or its services. Alma Career shall inform the Client whose Response System is involved about such prevention in advance.

5.4  The Client acknowledges that in the course of intermediation of posting the Advertisement on Foreign Job Portals, no subsequent text editing is guaranteed and Alma Career is not obliged to change information already entered on Foreign Job Portals.

5.5  If the Client wants to use “pay per click” systems, it may index its advertisements on domains owned or managed by Alma Career only with the prior consent of Alma Career. Alma Career is entitled to refuse to provide such consent if the advertisement would in any way prevent Alma Career from using the “pay per click” system on the domain owned or managed by Alma Career (e.g. because the system in question does not allow more than one advertisement per domain etc.). If the Client breaches this obligation, Alma Career is entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement without notice and claim damages in full.

5.6  In the case of the Service consisting of searching the CV databases, the Client is not entitled to use any systems that allow automated data processing to search the database, as it burdens the Electronic Systems excessively. The use of any system allowing automated data processing when searching Alma Career databases (including CV databases) constitutes a material breach of the Agreement.

5.7  Alma Career reserves its right to prevent the use of the Electronic Systems by the Client that has repeatedly and substantially breached the Agreement by all available technical and legal means.

5.8  The Client is not entitled to modify information published in the text and title of the Advertisement to the extent that it would change the job offered. Alma Career is entitled to assess whether the modifications change the job, and if so, Alma Career is entitled to refuse the Client’s request to change the information, or to demand the full price for another Advertisement for each such change; if the Advertisement is published based on a subscription, Alma Career is entitled to the full number of credits for which the original job offer was published for each such change.


6.1  Clients are required to submit materials to Alma Career at their own expenses and at their own responsibility. Information related to automated data processing in the field of human resources is accepted electronically through the Electronic Systems, unless agreed otherwise.

6.2  Upon entering the data, it is displayed in the public sections of the Electronic Systems:

(a)  within two (2) hours after the data have been properly sent, if Electronic Systems

are used,

(b)  no later than three (3) business days after the data have been properly sent and accepted, if the Client uses the authorised parts of the Electronic Systems for the first time (newly registered Client). The information is displayed in the Electronic Systems after the new Client’s registration is verified,

(c)  within the pre-agreed period depending on the form and properties of the materials, but no later than ten (10) business days after the materials have been properly submitted, unless agreed otherwise, if the materials for personnel Services are submitted in any other way, e.g. electronically.

6.3  In the case of intermediation of advertising on Foreign Job Portals, the advertisement is published in the home country of the Foreign Job Portals within three (3) business days following making the order.

6.4  The rules for submitting materials to create a graphic design of presentation of job vacancies of the Client or other graphic materials of the Client needed to use Alma Career Services shall be governed by the Product Terms Career Pages and Company Profile ( terms/career-pages-company-profile).

6.5  Alma Career reserves its right to refuse the Client’s commercial communication if its form does not comply with the standards of appropriate aesthetic quality that can be reasonably required with regard to the processing of Electronic Systems, particularly when it comes to banners (or other graphic ads) presented on the home page of any Electronic System.

6.6  If the Client is in delay with submitting the materials or accepting these documents, the Client shall pay all additional costs associated with the processing of the materials in a shorter period of time.

6.7  Unless agreed otherwise, Alma Career guarantees that the Service will be provided within three (3) business days of the day following the receipt of all materials for Services defined in Article 3.1 of the GTC. If the Client is in delay with submitting the materials, the deadline by which Alma Career is obliged to start providing the Service shall be extended by the number of days of the delay. Alma Career reserves its right to change the publication deadline if the materials are provided in non-standard formats or otherwise contrary to the Agreement.

6.8  In the case of consultancy Services, the starting date of the provision of Services by Alma Career will be indicated in a separate order or agreed in the Agreement.

6.9  The Client is entitled to dynamically manage and advertise individual job offers for the entire duration of the contractual relationship with Alma Career as made available by Alma Career in the Electronic System.

6.10  Alma Career will present each offer through the Service for the agreed period of time.

6.11  The Client shall use the Services solely for its own needs.


7.1 If the Services are used by an Agent, then the Agent:

(a)  Shall use the Alma Career Services solely for its own needs and to satisfy the needs of its clients,

(b)  May not intermediate the Services in its own name,

(c)  May not provide third parties with direct sale of advertisements in its own name or on its own account through Electronic Systems, in particular, the Agent may not contact third parties in order to ensure the publication of job offers of these third parties through Electronic Systems,

(d) Is entitled to contact third parties for the purpose of seeking applicants among these third parties,

(e)  Is entitled to use any Alma Career trademark only with the prior written consent of Alma Career.

7.2  Job the Agents in Electronic Systems. Whether an entity is considered an Agent shall be decided exclusively by Alma Career based on conditions in the Agreement (incl. the GTC).

7.3  Any breach of any provision of this Article of GTC by the Client shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement.


8.1  In order to be able to utilize the Services, the User needs to dispose of equipment and a

system meeting the following technical requirements:

(a) a computer with a web browser with cookies, local storage and JavaScript language interpreter enabled,

(b)  one of the most used web browsers in their latest released major version (e.g. Chrome 119.x.xxxx.xx) or previous major version of that browser,

(c)  a mobile phone with iOS or Android operating systems (latest released major version or up to 3 years old version of the operating system),

(d)  an internet connection.

8.2  If required by the relevant Electronic System, the Client is obliged to register with the relevant Electronic Systems before Alma Career starts to provide the Service. The Client may create additional user accounts, unless these GTC provide otherwise.

8.3  To use the Services, the Client is obliged to register via the Registration form available in the Electronic System. Upon successful Registration, the Client shall create his/her own online account with unique login details. The Client is obliged to protect the login details from misuse and not to provide them to third parties.

8.4  The Client shall not:

(a) Process data in the Electronic Systems in an automated way, or to extract or utilize Alma Career databases in a similar way beyond the scope necessary to fulfil the purpose of the Agreement,

(b) Attempt to access parts of Electronic Systems to which it was not explicitly granted access by Alma Career,

(c)  Use Electronic Systems in a way that is contrary to the purpose of the Agreement.

8.5  The Client shall:

offers from Agents may be marked and presented to the users as intermediated by

(a)  Inform Alma Career about all security deficiencies of Electronic Systems detected when using the Electronic Systems,

(b) Refrain from publishing the security deficiencies for at least ninety (90) days of the notification to Alma Career.

8.6  The Client shall also:

(a)  Set up a separate user account in the Electronic Systems for each employee and set unique login username and password for each account,

(b) Prevent any sharing of login data among the Client’s employees or with third parties,

(c)  Protect the login data, and

(d) Prevent the misuse of the login data.

8.7  The Client shall immediately notify Alma Career of any unauthorised use of login data or misuse of such data. Alma Career shall not be liable for any misuse of the Client’s login data or for any damage and claims of third parties arising from the breach of the above- mentioned obligations of the Client.

8.8  For the purposes of adjustments and further development of Electronic Systems, Alma Career shall be entitled to use any feedback from any Client, without the Client’s claim to any financial settlement whatsoever.


9.1  The Parties undertake to maintain confidentiality of confidential information. Confidential information shall mean any information and data that the Parties obtain in direct or indirect relation to the negotiation regarding mutual cooperation, in particular, all data, documents, and business terms of all kinds and forms, tangible and intangible, which are mutually provided by the Parties in writing or orally within the presentation or otherwise for the purpose of mutual cooperation. Confidential information shall also mean all information on applicants, clients, know-how and other matters of the Parties that are not publicly available (or not designated to be publicly available) and known and are subject to business secret. Any press release or public announcement regarding the mutual cooperation shall be subject to the prior written approval of Alma Career.

9.2  The Parties undertake not to disclose confidential information to any third party and to take measures to prevent third parties from having access to such information. The provisions of the previous sentence shall not apply to confidential information:

(a) Alma Career is entitled or obliged to publish in connection with the Agreement,

(b)  which has been in the public domain as of the date of the disclosure thereof,

(c)  which has become or will become publicly known or available otherwise than through the breach of the contractual obligations of either of the Parties, their employees, advisers or consultants,

(d)  which has been disclosed based on an obligation resulting from the generally binding legal regulations or an authorized requests of courts or relevant public authorities (e.g. Police authority),

(e) disclosed based on an express consent of the relevant Party.

9.3  The confidentiality obligations shall remain effective regardless of the duration of the Agreement.

9.4  Alma Career hereby undertakes not to collect, gather, keep, disseminate, make available, process or use any confidential information, or combine the same with other information, in any manner without legal title or contrary to the Client’s directions. Alma Career undertakes to forward to the Client without undue delay any confidential

information Alma Career may come into contact with beyond its regular work for the Client, and, in the period Alma Career handles the confidential information, to ensure that the same is sufficiently protected against any loss, theft, destruction, unauthorised access or accidental or other damage or other unauthorised use or processing.

9.5  If confidential information related to the Client is disclosed to a third party, Alma Career undertakes to ensure that the third party will be bound by the confidentiality obligations to the same extent as Alma Career.

9.6  Alma Career shall observe common security standards in respect of computer virus risks and computer network protection. Alma Career acknowledges its obligation to comply with all legal obligations related to data protection and business secrets.


10.1  The contractual relationship between the Client and Alma Career is established by Registration in the Electronic Systems and acceptance of these GTC. Mere Registration does not imply any entitlement for use of any Services by the Client. Contractual relationship on provision of Services is established by concluding an Agreement.

10.2  The Agreement is concluded:

(a)   by entering into a written Agreement,

(b)   by Alma Career confirming the Client’s order ,

(c)  by Alma Career commencing with provision of Services in accordance with the Client’s order.

10.3  By entering into the Agreement, the Client agrees:

(a)  the terms and conditions of providing the Services (graphic formats, ways of submitting materials etc.),

(b)  with possible limitations of the Internet network and the environment of Electronic Systems,

(c)  with the content of the Agreement, in particular with the GTC and product terms of the relevant Service.

10.4  Alma Career accepts orders from its Clients based on which it provides the Clients with Services. A duly completed order is binding for the Client at the moment of its delivery to Alma Career.

10.5  The Client sends its orders for Alma Career Services primarily by completing and sending an electronic order form that is available in the Electronic Systems. A binding order may also be sent by other means allowed by Alma Career, e.g. by e-mail, mail or phone.

10.6  Alma Career reserves its right to refuse the order within three (3) business days following its receipt if:

(a)  the Client has previously breached its obligations under the Agreement (including the GTC),

(b)  the execution of such order would be in conflict with the Alma Career business policy,

(c)  the execution of such order would be in conflict with the principles of fair business practice, good morals or public order.

10.7  Alma Career will start providing the Services under the terms of the Agreement, unless it refuses the order pursuant to Article 10.6 of the GTC. The provision of the Service shall start without undue delay, unless the Agreement indicates otherwise.

10.8  Alma Career is entitled to assign all rights and obligations under the Agreement as well as the Agreement as a whole to another person if such a person is a part of the Alma Media group. Alma Career shall notify the Client of such assignment.

10.9  Both Alma Career and the Client hereby assume the risk of changing circumstances and thus any change of circumstances shall not give rise to any claim to renew contract negotiations.


11.1  Alma Career allows access to Electronic Systems and Services in return for a payment, some parts of these Electronic Systems and Services may be accessed free of charge.

11.2  For the Services provided, the Client shall pay Alma Career the price according to the Alma Career price list for Services valid as of the receipt of the order by Alma Career. If allowed by Alma Career, the price may also be settled by credits according to the current online price list. All prices are provided without VAT, other taxes or charges, unless explicitly provided otherwise. The Client acknowledges that should the relevant financial operation be subject to taxation or subject to compulsory charges, the price shall be increased by such tax or charge according to applicable laws. Each payment made to the benefit of Alma Career shall be considered as settled by the date of its crediting to Alma Career ́s bank account.

11.3  The price shall be due based on the tax document (invoice) issued in accordance with the applicable law. Alma Career shall issue the invoice within fifteen (15) days of the date of conclusion of the Agreement. The invoice is payable within 14 days from its issuance, unless agreed otherwise.

11.4  In the case of the provision of the Service, the taxable supply shall be deemed rendered on the day of the provision or the day on which a tax document is issued, with the exception of instalment or payment schedule, or a payment receipt, whichever may be earlier, or as otherwise provided by the applicable law. The Services specified in Article 3of the GTC shall be deemed provided on the first day of their provision by Alma Career

11.5  The Client is not entitled to a refund of the price paid or a discount on the price if the Client does not use the ordered Services or for reasons not exclusively attributable to Alma Career.

11.6  Alma Career reserves its right to suspend the provision of Services, unless a deposit in the requested amount is paid by the Client.

11.7  If the Client is in default with the payments of the price or any part thereof for more than fourteen (14) days, Alma Career shall be entitled to interrupt the provision of the Services until the price is fully paid by the Client. The provision of Services will be resumed immediately after crediting the amount due to the Alma Career account. The Client is not entitled to an extension of the duration of the provision of the Services by the period for which the provision of the Services was suspended, and is not entitled to any discount or other reduction in the agreed price for the Services.

11.8  The Client agrees that tax documents (invoices) will be issued electronically.

11.9  If the agreed period of the provision of Services during which Advertisements were published expires or another Service has been agreed, the presentation of all active jobs shall also expire on the last day of this period, regardless of the time for which the jobs were offered, and the Client shall have no claim due to the early termination. If the Parties agree to extend their cooperation by another year (a new Agreement is concluded), the relevant Advertisements will be published for the entire period for which they were originally posted.


12.1  The contractual relationship established by Registration shall terminate upon termination of the account. Cancellation of the Registration shall prevent the use of the Services and shall not affect the refund or discount of the price paid. Alma Career will not cancel a Registration while using the paid Services, unless otherwise agreed below. Alma Career is entitled to terminate the account(s) in the cases referred to in Article 13.1 of the GTC. There is no legal entitlement to maintain an account, resp. a Registration without using the paid Services at the same time.

12.2  The Agreement between the client and Alma Career may be terminated:

(a) upon the expiry of the period for which the Agreement was concluded, if such period is specified in the order or the Agreement

(b) by immediate termination of the Agreement in accordance with Article 13 of the GTC,

(c) by agreement of Alma Career and the Client.

12.3  If the Agreement is terminated immediately by Alma Career, Alma Career is entitled to charge the so-called engaging fee of 1% of the price already invoiced under the terminated Agreement if a new Agreement is concluded with the same Client.

12.4  If the Client is in default with the payment of the price for Services, Alma Career is entitled to charge the Client the statutory default interest on the outstanding amount.

12.5  The obligation to pay sanctions shall be without prejudice to the obligation to compensate for damage in full.

12.6  Even after the termination of the Agreement, Alma Career is obliged to meet its obligations arising from the relevant legal regulations governing the obligations related to personal data protection, particularly to prevent any unauthorised use of personal data until they are transferred to the Client or a third party designated by the Client according to the Client’s instructions, or until the data is safely disposed of.


13.1  Alma Career is entitled to terminate the Agreement immediately if:

(a)  the materials provided by the Client are in conflict with the applicable law, good morals, public order etc. (particularly if they promote violence, racism, discrimination against certain population groups etc.),

(b) the Client is in default with the payment of any of its debts to Alma Career (regardless on whether the debt arised from the Agreement or another agreement),

(c)  the Client damages the reputation of Alma Career or its trademarks,

(d)  the Client demands the presentation of information in the Electronic Systems that are contrary to Article 5.1 of the GTC,

(e) Alma Career finds defects in the Client’s Response Systems pursuant to Article 5.3 of the GTC,

(f)  Alma Career learns that the Client acts contrary to Article 5 to 8 of the GTC,

(g)  the Client substantially breaches the Agreement.

13.2  The Client is entitled to terminate the Agreement immediately only in the case of a material breach of the obligations by Alma Career. A material breach shall, in particular, mean a breach of Alma Career obligations due to which the provisions of Services by Alma Career is demonstrably completely suspended for more than ten (10) consecutive business days in full, except where the suspension is due to force majeure.

13.3  The immediate termination of the Agreement shall only have future effects.


14.1  In the event of a defective performance by Alma Career, the Parties agree that Alma


(a) will compensate the Client by a substitute performance of other Services at the corresponding value, or

(b) provide other substitute performance as agreed by the Parties.

14.2  Alma Career is not liable for any damage caused by force majeure or defects outside Alma Career’s equipment. Force majeure is deemed to mean a temporary or permanent, extraordinary, unforeseeable and insurmountable obstacle arising independently of Alma Career’s will. In the event of force majeure on the part of Alma Career, Alma Career shall notify the Client of the situation and its cause without undue delay. Unless agreed otherwise, Alma Career will continue to fulfil the Agreement to the extent of its best abilities and capabilities, even using alternative means, to meet its contractual obligations.

14.3  The liability of Alma Career for damage due to technical and software equipment of Alma Career in connection with the concluded Agreement shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client for the Services under the Agreement within the period preceding the claim. Alma Career is not obliged to compensate the Client for damage that could not be anticipated at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement.


15.1  The Client is obliged to obtain licences for the use of all works presented in the published information, slogans, audio-visual recordings or ads that will be used in connection with the provision of the Services by Alma Career, and is also obliged to pay remuneration for these licences and all associated costs. Alma Career is not liable for the breach of copyright by the Client or due to the publication of materials provided by the Client. If any damage is incurred to Alma Career in relation to the breach of this provision by the Client, the Client shall compensate Alma Career for all damages without undue delay following the Alma Career’s request.

15.2  The Client is not entitled to use the Electronic Systems or parts thereof otherwise than for its own (internal) use or in a manner exceeding the scope of use expressly allowed by Alma Career, it is particularly prohibited to spread and copy them or otherwise technically process them without a prior written demonstrable consent of Alma Career. The Clients are also prohibited from tampering in any way with the technical means or contents of the websites.

15.3  Uploading, saving or printing materials stored in the Electronic Systems is only allowed for private (internal) purposes, and the materials thus obtained shall not be further distributed / reproduced in any way. Any other mechanical or electronic reproduction or modification without the prior written consent of Alma Career is prohibited.


16.1 The Parties agree that their legal relationship shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic and that the courts of the Czech Republic shall have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising between them. The Parties agreed a territorial jurisdiction of the Alma Career general court for any disputes arising from the Registration, Agreement, the GTC or Product Terms.


17.1 Alma Career is entitled to unilaterally amend or supplement these GTC and Product Terms, as well as other contractual terms contained in the Agreement, to the appropriate

extent if there is a reasonable need to amend them. In this case, Alma Career is obliged to inform the Client about the effective date of the new terms affected by the amendment and notify the Client of these new terms affected by the amendment at least seven (7) business days prior to the effective date of the new terms in an appropriate manner (primarily, but not exclusively, via e-mail or Electronic Systems used by the Client). The appropriate extent shall mean the change to any of the provisions of the GTC or Product Terms, as well as other documents to which these GTC refer.

17.2  If the Client does not agree with the terms announced by Alma Career pursuant to Article 17.1 of the GTC, the Client is entitled to terminate the Agreement by delivering a disagreement within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the Alma Career notification. In this case, the Agreement will be terminated on the effective date of the new terms affected by the amendment, or on the date on which the Client’s disagreement is delivered to Alma Career, whichever comes later.

17.3  The terms of Articles 17.1 and 17.2 of the GTC shall apply mutatis mutandis to objections to the authorisation of an Other Processor, as this term is used in the Data Processing Agreement. Contrary to Article 17.2 of the GTC and beyond the provisions of the Data Processing Agreement, (i) notifications are made in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement, and (ii) the Client is obliged to communicate any objection immediately, but no later than within five (5) business days of the notification. Alma Career will assess the Client’s objections, and if they are legitimate, Alma Career will take appropriate measures in relation to such an Other Processor. If Alma Career takes measures and the Client does not raise objections against these measures within five (5) business days of the notice of such measures, the Agreement shall be still in force and effect under the newly notified terms. If the Client expresses its disagreement with the measures taken within the deadline specified in the previous sentence, the Agreement will be terminated on the date on which such notice is delivered to Alma Career. The provisions of this Article 17.3 of the GTC shall not apply to Other Processors that are natural persons working with Alma Career.

17.4  These GTC are valid and effective as of 1. 1. 2024.

Alma Career