Unemployment Rate
Average Salary
1 959 EUR
Economically Active Population
1.44 million
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About Lithuania

One of Lithuania's major strengths lies in its highly educated workforce and skilled professionals. Lithuanian employees are well-educated, with a significant portion holding university degrees, and many are proficient in multiple foreign languages, including English. Their adaptability and quick learning ability provide businesses with the flexibility they need. Lithuania's business environment is notably favorable. It stands as one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union, offering a strategic geographic location and well-developed infrastructure.

Pioneering Innovation and Digital Excellence

The country's commitment to innovation and technology is underscored by its vibrant startup environment and investment-friendly policies. Furthermore, Lithuania's exceptional digital infrastructure sets it apart. The nation leads in internet connectivity and offers an efficient e-governance system that streamlines administrative processes, fostering a business-friendly environment. In terms of workforce, Lithuania boasts a high level of digital literacy and tech-savviness. The nation produces a steady stream of IT specialists, engineers, and skilled workers, making it an ideal destination for tech-driven enterprises. 


Whole country: 8.60%
Capital city: 8.50%
Average salary
Whole country: 1 959 EUR
Capital city: 2 191 EUR
Population: 2.86 million
Economically active population: 1.44 million
Education split
Higher: 38%
Secondary: 50%
Primary: 12%
Strongest industries
Global Business Services
IT and Finances