North Macedonia

Unemployment Rate
Average Salary
592 EUR
Economically Active Population
811 thousand
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About North Macedonia

North Macedonia  has a relatively well-educated and cost-competitive workforce, particularly in fields like IT, manufacturing, and textiles. The country is strategically located in the heart of the Balkans, providing access to European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets. It's well-connected through road, rail, and air networks, making it a potential hub for regional trade.

North Macedonia has a tradition of manufacturing, including automotive parts, textiles, and electronics. Its proximity to major European markets can be advantageous for exporting these products.

The IT sector has been growing, with a focus on software development, tech services, and outsourcing. A skilled workforce and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive destination for tech companies.

North Macedonia has established several special economic zones with incentives for foreign investors, offering preferential tax rates, infrastructure, and other benefits.


Whole country: 13.30%
Average salary
Whole country: 592 EUR
Population: 2.065 million
Economically Active Population: 811 thousand
Macedonian Denar (MKD)
Strongest industries
Agribusiness and Food Processing
Textile and clothing
Automotive components
Wine Industry
Electro-Metal Industry