Our activities in the Central region

CSR projects in the Czech Republic 

LMC’s initiative revolves around providing recruitment services to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations at a symbolic cost of just one Euro. However, the commitment to help such organizations extends beyond the recruitment process. These organizations are also granted access to impactful services including the Seduo.cz online training platform and the Arnold survey tool for a nominal fee.  

More than 730 organizations have participated in the program, with an estimated value of services in the year under review at approximately €8.1 million. Also, more than 9,000 permanent positions have been filled through the program.

CSR projects in Slovakia 

Profesia launched an academy for school principals 4 years ago with the aim of improving the management of primary and secondary school staff in numerous ways – to promote motivation, well-being, and commitment. The project became an inspiration for other NGOs to involve school principals in their projects too. By the end of 2022, 86 school principals had completed all three modules of the training, which consists of developing leadership, teamwork, and vision in an educational environment.  

With a focus on transparency and openness, Profesia also continued providing recruitment services free of charge to NGOs and schools in 2022. In total there were 291 job advertisements published on Profesia.sk by non-profit organizations with a monetary value of €30,689. 

The use of edujobs.sk - a job listing service for school and educational staff - reached a record level. To improve the transparency of recruitment processes in the Slovakian school system, Profesia's support for recruitment was significant. A total of 7,190 jobs in 1,560 schools were publicly advertised using the service. The monetary value of the job advertisements was calculated at €568,010.