Profesia Lab in Slovakia

Profesia Lab is a space for meaningful cooperation between employers, non-profit organizations, schools, and HR and career advisors with the same goal: to increase the employment of people with disabilities in competitive labor market. Take a closer look at how it works.

Profesia has been continuously raising awareness of the benefits of inclusion in the labor market beyond simply creating specialized tools and services for companies. The project uses the best practices in employment of neurodivergent individuals and builds upon the latest research in vocational and rehabilitation counseling.

The concept for Profesia Lab was established in October 2022 as part of the Help from the Heart program. The pilot year commenced in 2023, open and free of charge to the public. After its evaluation and modification, the following year was launched in January 2024.

Unlocking the potential of neurodivergent talents

Profesia developed model of internships for job seekers with disabilities called Profesia Lab. In January, 98 job seekers without prior work experience were enrolled into preparatory phase which included Assistive Soft Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) implemented in cooperation with Michigan State University. Successful graduates were offered job coaching and internships with 12 employers. By November 2023, there were 32 job seekers with disabilities who completed 35 internships and at least 9 received job offers in competitive labor market.

Under the supervision of Michigan State University, Profesia implemented the Assistive Soft Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) program. It also educated partners in best practices related to supported employment, job coaching, job customization, job carving, and job matching. The recruitment process was refined based on individual job seeker’s needs.

The project has nationwide reach. Applicants are prepared based on their place of residence. Internships take place at the employers' premises. The long-term objective is to implement the project in all countries where Alma Career operates. Profesia Lab is one of the key CSR projects in the group's strategy. The ultimate outcome will be a model for internships for disadvantaged job seekers in Europe.