Profesia Lab in Slovakia

Profesia Lab is a space for meaningful cooperation between employers, non-governmental organizations, schools, and HR and career advisors with the same goal: to increase the employment of disabled people on the open job market. Take a closer look at how it works.

Profesia has been continuously raising awareness of the benefits of inclusion in the labor market beyond simply creating specialized tools and services for companies. The project uses scientific knowledge and procedures in the employment of people with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia and applies them to the open labor market.

A significant highlight of the year 2022 was the impactful implementation of the Help with Heart initiative. This pioneering program played a crucial role in assisting companies with recruitment and training processes aimed at integrating disabled individuals into the workforce. The program also extended its support by offering career guidance to over 100 job seekers with disabilities.

Unlocking the potential of neurodivergent talents

At the heart of Profesia Lab lies the aspiration to revolutionize the employment landscape for neurodivergent individuals. The project strives to nurture an inclusive and promising professional future for genuinely everyone.

An integral part of this initiative is the ASSET program, a six-month journey that hones social and communication skills tailored for the workplace. This experience includes company excursions, providing a firsthand taste of manual, administrative, assistant, and technical roles. For those who find their calling during these interactions, an internship opportunity within these companies becomes available.