Unemployment Rate
Average Salary
2 206 EUR
Economically Active Population
1 million
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About Slovenia

Slovenian work culture often respects hierarchical structures within organizations. Employees tend to show respect for authority figures and adhere to established protocols. The country places a high value on education and skill development. Continuous learning and self-improvement are encouraged, leading to a well-educated and skilled workforce.

Slovenian businesses often prioritize quality in their products and services. This focus on delivering high-quality results contributes to their reputation for precision and reliability. Slovenians generally value hard work and dedication. They believe that putting in effort and striving for excellence in their professional endeavors is important for personal and national progress. Slovenians are often known for their attention to detail and precision. This can be seen in various sectors such as manufacturing, technology, and design, where a high level of accuracy is emphasized.


Whole country: 3.50%
Capital city: 4.40%
Average salary
Whole country: 2 206 EUR
Capital city: 2 343 EUR
Population: 2.16 milion
Economically Active Population: 1 million
Education split
Primary or less: 2.4%
Primary: 19.3%
Secondary: 52.6%
College: 25.2%
Strongest industries
Creative Industries
Logistics and Transportation
Renewable Energy and Environment
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
Information Technology
Services and Tourism