Alma Career - the go-to recruitment solution in Central Eastern Europe

Alma Career provides various specialist services in the increasingly demanding recruitment market within Central Eastern Europe. By posting to our job portals in Slovakia (, Czech Republic ( &, Hungary ( and Poland (, it’s possible to reach almost the entirety of the whole working population of these four countries.

Profesia is the forerunning portal in the Slovakian market, having been founded in the same year as Google. It is regularly used by 55% of the Slovak population to seek out new jobs. Across Poland and Hungary, you can expect your vacancies to appear on the largest sites in these countries, as well as being featured on mobile apps which are becoming increasingly popular with jobseekers in the CEE.

Since this year, we have a new service available in the Polish market: Praca Za Rogiem – a recruitment app aimed at blue-collar workers, which allows recruiters to reach the right people for vacancies with ease. There is currently a gap in the Polish job market for delivery drivers, hospitality employees and administrative staff, with potential workers looking for everything from casual, non-contract work to full-time positions, and this app facilitates the easy targeting and retainment of such employees.

Another interesting feature on Praca Za Rogiem is the interactive job map, which allows prospective employees to browse vacancies by area in real-time. For example, a jobseeker in Warsaw would be able to look at all nearby jobs by a selected mile-radius, or even look further afield on the map.

In the Czech Republic, we work with and These two sites combined offer an unrivalled coverage of the Czech market, reaching more than 90% of the job seekers in the country. In addition to this, talent sourcing services from can help to enable businesses to find the brightest and most capable professionals both within the country and further afield.

For Hungarian businesses looking to find suitable employees, our job portal is there to help with placing Job Ads, offering access to CV Databases of tens of thousands of candidates.

In addition to being able to quickly advertise jobs, your business is also afforded the ability to purchase access to CV databases from these countries to help you become more proactive in head-hunting the ideal candidates for each available position. Branding possibilities - which include banners, company profiles and branded career pages - all serve to help put your business on the map.

As the Central Eastern European countries are located close to one another, it means the workforce is generally quite mobile. This means widening your recruitment search to all four countries makes sense, to access the very best talent the area has to offer.

Of course, finding the right people means choosing the right recruitment provider. Alma Career provides businesses with the chance to access the very best professionals and recruitment services throughout the CEE.

If you’d like to take your employee search even further, it’s possible to make use of our effective Talent Sourcing Services from our office in Prague, which is regarded by many as the heart of recruitment in Europe. With a multilingual team of employment experts, you can expect to search throughout Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (and beyond) with services that include candidate shortlisting, longlisting and head-hunting.

Throughout the recruitment process, you can also expect Alma Career to keep you up to date with the very latest developments in the labour market, ensuring that your journey towards finding the right employees is simple, straightforward and effortless via a single point of contact that will look after everything for you.

But don’t just take our word for it – why not get in touch with Alma Career today and start recruiting the rising stars of the professional labour market through Central Eastern Europe with the minimum of fuss.

Article collected in cooperation with colleagues from each country.