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In the Baltic region, it’s important to understand that the most effective recruitment services will vary from country to country. Of course, by using a single point of contact for the entire area, you can rest assured that you’ll be searching the best talent pools to fill your vacancies with the right professional for each role.

In Estonia, a combination of traditional job advertising and/or headhunting works best, depending on the nature of the role. At Alma Career, we work with CV Online to engage with prospective candidates while also searching through their existing database of talent to match professionals to each vacancy. With a huge pool of professionals at our fingertips, our business is finding you the perfect match for the role.

In Lithuania, traditional HR services are used alongside online job search portals, dependent on the nature of the vacancy. Most companies will use a multiple-pronged attack: services from an online job portal like CV Online Lithuania, Labour Exchange offices, recommendations from existing employees and social networking.

In Latvia, the most productive way to find employees is to use CV Online Latvia, which is the premier job portal in the country. However, it’s important to understand in a burgeoning job market that it can be hard to source high-quality candidates that are completely suited to the position, which is why many businesses are opting to utilise traditional CV Online searches with premium posts and social media campaigns to ensure their vacancies are reaching the most highly-qualified professionals in the country.

For positions which are difficult to fill, it makes sense to opt for a full recruitment service. This takes the pressure away from having to sift through multiple applicants and puts the right candidates for the job directly at your fingertips.

Why choose Alma Career for recruitment services in the Baltic region?

The answer is quite simple: our reputation speaks for itself. We work with the best recruitment professionals in the area who can understand precisely what you need - to determine who will work best for you - and are committed to filling your vacancies in a timely and above-satisfactory fashion.

At Alma Career, we have years of extensive knowledge in the local recruitment market, and we know what our clients expect from us. It’s our duty to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a service our clients can trust, and it’s this professionalism which makes us stand out from the rest. It’s also why our clients keep returning.

Article collected in cooperation with colleagues from each country (Latvia/, Lithuania/ and Estonia/