Existing trends expected to remain strong in 2018 for Croatian recruitment market

The Croatian recruitment market is not expected to go through any major changes during 2018.

Croatia is facing its lowest unemployment rate in 10 years, which means the job market and the approach to recruitment does continue to shift in smaller ways. What the experts are expecting to happen during this year is not so much the introduction of new approaches to recruitment, but the growing importance of the existing ones.

According to recruitment experts in Croatia, bigger agencies have a growing interest in hiring contractors rather than in-house employees.

Both employer branding and an active approach to recruitment continue to grow in importance in the Croatian labour market. To attract talent, companies are finding themselves in need of recruitment companies who can offer job advertisements combined with employer branding services.

For those hard-to-fill positions, head hunting and sourcing services - where many different platforms like social media and personal networks are used - continue to be more and more important.

Generally speaking, an active approach to finding suitable candidates is increasingly becoming the norm across all industries.

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