Lithuanian recruitment market challenged by aging population in 2018

In Lithuania, as in many other countries, the population is getting older. This has raised two trends among companies. One being that they tend to seek employees from abroad from non-EU countries such as Belarus and the Ukraine. The second trend recruiters are seeing is that companies are looking closely at older employees and not necessarily only trying to find good candidates among young and active job seekers.

The ongoing shortage of employees has led companies to understand that hiring one good employee takes more effort than it used to. Companies are now very used to using multiple tools when hiring an employee; key tools being job portals, recommendations, social networks and head hunting.

There are no major changes to report from 2017 but rather continuing trends that are becoming more and more important. Among these is social networks as a platform for employers to find employees and for job seekers to find job opportunities. Mobile is becoming increasingly important and currently about 50% of Lithuanian job seekers are looking for jobs on their mobile devices.

Employer branding is another important trend continuing to grow in importance since 2017. Job seekers value well-known and well-branded international companies with an excellent reputation.

Requirements on both sides remain high and employers still want to find the top candidate to fill their position even though there is a shortage of good employees.

In terms of expectations from job seekers, the trends remain pretty much the same:

Employees have a high expectation in terms of salary (up to 40% of people feel like their salary level is not fair enough). Salaries are raising rapidly, but mostly for manager and specialist level positions. In addition to a good salary, employees are expecting opportunities to learn and develop, good working conditions and the right attitude from employers towards employees.

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