Recruiting in Finland: what are the trends for 2018?

What are the biggest trends in recruiting?

For the first time in a long while, the outlook for the Finnish economy is actually looking promising. As a result, demand for talented staff is rising: statistics from the Ministry of Labor show that there are well over 600,000 active job seekers in the country, and many of them are facing problems when searching for a job that matches their skills.

It’s no surprise, then, that the number of positions described as “hard to fill” has skyrocketed by a whole ten percentage points between 2016 and 2017, and now half of all the positions on the Finnish job market are listed in this way.

And while skills shortages were in the past only really a problem for technology jobs such as data management and software development, the same problems now also exist for other sectors like the medical, service and construction industries.

The job market needs to adjust, and there are no quick fixes. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel: those employers who are strategic about their hiring processes can get ahead of the game and attract those talented workers, even though it’s a highly competitive environment.

By designing your employer brand well and demonstrating why the potential employee should choose you, you’ll be on to a winner. And if you ensure you communicate this through the right channels for optimal reach and effect, the chance of a successful hire will be even greater.

Just how can the “hard-to-fill” positions be filled?

Gone are the days when writing and posting a job advert were enough. 

Now, not even searching on LinkedIn or sending out a few messages is enough, either. These days, sticking out from the crowd and consistently communicating your offering is a must-do.

If you look at any study from recent years focusing on how to find the best talent, you’ll always get the same answer: in the social media age, your communication should be transparent, relevant and targeted to your specific audience. What’s more, your brand needs to be real, and not to come across as fake or inauthentic.

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By using tactical brand and content marketing solutions, you can leverage this unique system to gain maximum benefit as an employer.

The New Year: what has changed since 2017?

Due to the improved economic situation, the biggest change doesn’t appear to be what’s actually happening in the job market - it’s how fast the tide is turning. 

Now that employers are searching for more and more digital whizz kids to run their websites, develop their software packages and more, the pace at which the job market is changing is increasing all the time.

Of course, the need to build a strong employer brand has always been there. But now, it’s a luxury rather than a necessity - and the same applies to the importance of candidate experience. Luckily for many employers, it’s never too late to take action - but this is your last call to put in some serious effort to be the best employer you can be!

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