Top-quality candidates can afford to be more discerning in Croatia 2018

Top-quality candidates can afford to be more discerning when they look for a change of employer. A competitive salary is the most important motivator for most candidates, but many will also take other factors into consideration. Motivation factors include a good working environment, company culture and values they feel comfortable with, and a good reputation, both for commercial success and for treating employees well. Additional benefits such as generous pension contributions and annual leave can also incentivise employees to consider moving to another company. However, even the most generous benefits may not be enough to entice candidates away from their current job unless a salary increase is also part of the remuneration package.

Many candidates are keen to work at large corporations. However, IT start-ups are able to attract experienced employees because they offer excellent opportunities for training, and prospects for career development and growth. 

In today’s digital world, candidates expect to be able to search for jobs via mobile-friendly portals. In many countries, job seekers will often view jobs via a smartphone or tablet, but still tend to submit applications using a PC. In Croatia, we are leading the way in developing new digital tools for the Croatian jobs market, using platforms such as Virtual Hackathon and Viber.

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