All the important information regarding our changes

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All the important information regarding our changes?

What is changing and from when?

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, you, i.e. our clients, will only be affected by company name changes as follows: 
- The Czech Republic: LMC s.r.o.​ is changing to Alma Career Czechia s.r.o.​
- Slovakia: Profesia, spol. s r.o. is changing to Alma Career Slovakia s. r. o.​
- Poland: LMC Poland Sp. z o.o. is changing to Alma Career Poland Sp. z o.o.

This change is effective from 1st January 2024. The change will be automatic and there is no need for our clients to do anything.

How will the change affect the services your company provides to me?

The change will have no effect on the scope or quality of services. We will continue to provide you with the services in the same way, without interruption. Only the name of the provider is changing, all other identification information remains (company ID, registered office, VAT identifiers, bank accounts). The services you use will continue to be the same technically as well, and their name will not change. This also applies, of course, to the job portals and and to other LMC and Profesia products.

What about our contract/order? Do we have to agree to an amendment or a new contract or order?

A name change is an objective fact that has no effect on the contract and there is no need to conclude any amendment. Please note that LMC or Profesia have tens of thousands of clients and it is not possible to process contract amendments unless necessary. Along with the name change, we are also changing our terms and conditions to reflect this. The only thing that will change for you is that after January 1st 2024, you will see the new company name in all orders as a provider.

Will contact persons change?

This change does not affect contact persons in any way, so our team will continue to be available to you. They will now send you e-mails from addresses with this form: However, if you send them an e-mail to the address from which they have written to you so far, it will continue to reach them for some time after the new address has been introduced. In the case of individual changes of contact persons, we will inform you about them in time, but these will not be caused by the new company name.

Is the ownership of the company changing?

No, it is not changing. Our companies remain within the Alma Media group, i.e. in one of the business branches of this group, namely Alma Career. We will also communicate with you under the banner of Alma Career.

So LMC or Profesia will disappear and be replaced by Alma Career?

Gradually, yes. Wherever the company presents itself as LMC or Profesia, we will change our identity. For example, for sales people you are in contact with, this will change in e-mails, business cards, e-mail signatures, offer sheets, price lists, contract headers and orders. This change in communication will be felt not only by you as our clients, but also by our partners, suppliers, candidates who are looking for jobs through our services, media, organizations of which we are members, etc. Our established products will be unchanged, but they will no longer be under the Profesia or LMC umbrella, but under Alma Career. This is also true for user data, business and product conditions and everything else.

Will the change also affect the conditions of personal data processing?

The rules on the processing of personal data remain basically unchanged. Alma Career companies in the Czechia, Slovakia and Poland continue to act as joint controllers or processors when they process data for their clients.

 In Slovakia, in relation to the services provided to users (B2C), the legal basis has changed and the user of the services will not consent to the processing of data when creating an account/registration. The use of services will now be governed by the terms of service, i.e. the contractual relationship. This change does not affect the retention period. The user can still cancel their account at any time, and we will delete his/her data immediately.

 As far as clients (B2B) are concerned, the data processing agreements remain unchanged and the change of company name does not affect the clients legally or technically.

 Further information not only on the position of companies in terms of the GDPR, but also on the purposes, retention periods or rights of users and clients is available in the Privacy Policy at

Will there be a change in payment information?

Our payment information remains exactly the same. If you process received invoices automatically (for example, using an OCR solution) or have internal processes set up in a certain way, a different provider name on the invoice may lead to a processing error. We therefore recommend that the name change be entered into the system as soon as possible to avoid delays in payment.

Will the change mean price increases?

No. There is no change to your contract, terms of cooperation or price list.

Why are you making changes?

We believe that cooperation across the whole Alma Career Group, which operates in 11 European countries, holds great potential in many areas. For example, the Czech branch of Alma Career, i.e. LMC, provides products such as Seduo, Teamio, Arnold and Atmoskop that Alma Career do not have in other countries. However, there may be products that work elsewhere that are lacking in the Czech Republic. If we operated independently, it would be difficult to connect the product portfolio and make it available to clients in other Alma Career countries. We decided to benefit from a common experience, to share and connect better with each other.

How will the change benefit me?

By sharing experience and know-how with colleagues from abroad, we will be able to improve our services much faster and more efficiently than before. So you will also benefit from the change.

Which countries does Alma Career operate in?

Alma Career operates in 11 European countries, namely Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. In addition, it cooperates with partners in other countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.

Will I now be able to post jobs in other Alma Career countries via Teamio?

This service isn't available yet, but it's the direction we wish to head in. If you are interested in posting jobs in other Alma Career countries, please consult your sales representative to help arrange these services.