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Meet our key people

Meet the board members who steer our business. Since 2023, we have been fine-tuning it in collaboration with our Slovak sister company, Alma Career Slovakia.

  • Milan Jasný

    Leading the way at Alma Career Czechia/Slovakia

    "For over 10 years, I've been striving to create a better world of work for everyone — our employees, people in the job market, and companies. In recent years, I have been responsible not only for the company's operations but also for closer integration with the international Alma Career group. This allows us to offer our products in the international environment and leverage the expertise of our colleagues abroad here in the Czech Republic." In your view, what is the greatest strength of the international group? "Compared to global players, we have a perfect understanding of local markets. Our entire strategy is based on local products and strong brands that have been functioning well over the long term."

  • Petra Smetáková

    Leads the People & Culture team (we don't have classic HR)

    "We value people. We support their direction, not only professionally, but also on a personal level. For us, company culture is not words in a presentation or written as a methodology. Without people, we couldn’t be successful in the long term, even on an international scale. Our values are why we’re here and are the alpha and omega for us. Not only are they written into our processes, but they are in everyone's DNA. That's why we have People & Culture, which (not only) addresses these topics." What does she enjoy about working with colleagues from abroad? "We can learn so much more from each other - getting to know new people, products and markets. Thanks to this, we can ultimately make life easier for more people on the labor market."

  • Ondřej Mysliveček

    He charts the course for our technology

    "Alma Career is primarily a digital company, so the IT department is the second largest in the entire company and includes approximately 100 people. We work together with Sales to ensure businesses are happy, we make sure our servers are up and running, and that everyone who needs technical help gets it. Cooperation with foreign colleagues brings us a number of technical opportunities and interesting challenges." Why does he like working not only with technology, but also with our people? "What I value most is openness and humanity, which creates a safe environment to express opinions and a reasonable margin for error. We can then learn from them and not repeat them in the future."

  • Petr Procházka

    He’s our spearhead of Sales

    "We want to be a partner for companies in both good times and in bad times, when the labor market is changing and it’s difficult to find employees for the company. And we do this with a friendly and human approach. Linking up with foreign teams opens up a wider range of services for our customers. This allows us to innovate our products and technologies that we could not afford as a local player, and it gives us access to a huge pool of know-how from diverse environments." When did he first get a job is sales? "I started back in 1993. At that time, I set myself up as a wholesaler of spare parts for Škoda cars, and drove them around the garages in Prague and the Central Bohemia region."

  • Alfred Simuna

    Has his hand on the tiller of product and business development

    "Lately, the world and especially the digital industry has been changing so fast that if you want to leave your competitors behind, you have to turn to the future and look for new opportunities. Thanks to Alma Career, we’ve jumped into an environment that allows us to push our products a little further and perhaps even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic." What was his first contact with job portals? "The first thing I ever used the internet for was job hunting. At the time, I found a job at the Grand Canyon through Work and Travel. I guess it was a sign."

  • Radoslav Rezák

    Sets up business processes (not only) on an international level

    "Having been the long-standing sales director of Slovak Profesia, I am now in charge of business operations that extend beyond our borders towards our parent company Alma Career. I'm very happy about this connection because it allows us to make better use of existing resources, which means we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time." What do you appreciate most about Alma Career? "That we’re doing what we enjoy, what we’re good at, socially useful and widely recognized by the market. In Japan, it's called Ikigai and I'm glad we practice it here."

  • Dalibor Jakuš

    Responsible for product strategy (not only) in the region and at Alma Career company.

    "I consider Profesia to be my oldest child and I am proud to watch it grow and become independent to this day. The project of a few enthusiasts who programmed it in their spare time became the largest job portal in Slovakia and today we have many great colleagues all over Europe. Our job from the beginning has been to help people and I am glad that we can provide them with the best tools to find a job that they enjoy and find fulfilling." What don't many people know about Profesia? "In our second offices in Kramare, we've made a room with a table hockey table to relax. Not many people played it in Slovakia, so we even participated in the World Championships."

  • Monika Dúbravská

    Oversees finances

    "In finance, we work with big numbers, but compared to the rest of the company, we are a relatively small department. We are proud that we can assist all departments across the entire company and collaborate exceptionally well. Thanks to our connection with Alma Career, we can also influence the job market in multiple countries and help people find the right opportunities." "What has working at Alma Career brought her? 'Primarily, a lot of challenges in the business area and collaboration on new projects across the entire group, but also great colleagues with a team spirit who are dedicated to their work.'"

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