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When Libor Malý bought a Jobs.cz domain in 1996, no one could imagine what was the point of it.
It was the first commercial domain to appear on the Czech internet – we were here
even before Seznam.cz.

  • Registering the Jobs.cz domain

    The first commercial domain registered on the Czech Internet. Today, it's the largest and most famous Czech job portal, delivering around 2.5 million responses to job advertisements per year.

  • We launched the Prace.cz portal

    The second largest job portal, with some1.8 million responses to job advertisements per year.

  • Sale of LMC to the Finnish group Alma media, Milan Jasný became our boss

    Alma Media is a Finnish media group, originally in print media, which today operates in 9 other countries besides Finland. The company invested in LMC mainly to expand its investments beyond this sector. Milan Jasný, who joined the LMC in 1998 as the second employee, took over the management of LMC in this crucial year.

  • Seduo.cz is established and we expand our business focused on education

    The largest online education portal. Over 330,000 students have already started studying courses there.

  • We crossed the Polish border with the Praca za rogiem app

    The mobile app, available in the Czech Republic under the name Práce za rohem, is the first of our products to move abroad.

Over 21 000 companies trust us

How do we help others?

Good advertising deals for non-profits

Non-profit organizations can use a yearly advertising package on Jobs.cz, Prace.cz and the Práce za rohem app for a symbolic price of just 33 CZK.

Meaningful gifts

We've been giving our employees, clients and partners unconventional Christmas presents for seven years now. These are vouchers for 250 CZK that can be used to support one of five non-profits of our choosing. Each voucher recipient can read about their missions and activities, and then choose which to give the voucher to.

Jobs for the deaf

We've been involved in several projects aimed at helping people with disabilities succeed on the labour market. To these ends, we have created a special website in partnership with the non-profit Tichý svět, who provide comprehensive support to deaf people.

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Our culture and our people have always played a big role in our story. Even when there were just a few of us, our key values were freedom, happiness, and meaningfulness. Without them, we would have never made it to where we are today Curious to see what it's like working with us or who we need right now? Take a look!