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  • 1.

    It looks like a walk in the park at first, but we work really hard. There are no slackers here, and no bullies either.

  • 2.

    Our job is our hobby, so we are expected to put a lot of effort into it.

  • 3.

    The pace here is really fast, so we don’t have much time to train juniors. You'll be thrown in at the deep end.

  • 4.

    We need people who know how to ask questions, improve, and learn from their mistakes. People who are not afraid of looking like fools just for asking a question. People who can stand up for themselves.

  • 5.

    We need proactive people who can work in a state of controlled chaos, without getting too hung up on technicalities.

  • 6.

    We have no time for shirkers or freeloaders. Our call centre is not just about “mindless dialling”; we are looking for people with brains, people who want to work on themselves. Ask questions, discuss things, share your ideas.

  • 7.

    You need to come up with your own vision. You'll have a lot of freedom and sometimes you'll get assignments that are open to interpretation.

  • 8.

    The concentration of Despicable Immoral Contemptible Knavish Schmucks per square meter is extremely low here.

  • 9.

    Working here can be a challenge for gentle, introverted people. Discussions are an everyday thing, and those who find it difficult to put their ideas forward and promote them might receive less attention.

  • 10.

    We may look like a hippie company and we do have amazing working conditions, but don’t forget that we’re still a business that needs to deliver profits and value.

  • 11.

    Although the growth of our users is our main focus, the growth that we need to deliver every year is in the turnover and profits of our owner, Alma. And because we do deliver, we're free to decide how we run our business ourselves.

  • 12.

    When choosing new colleagues, we rely on the vibes a lot. Would they like to have a beer with us? Would we want to invite them?

  • 13.

    Face to face, we're very open and informal – so be ready for that.

Our values - what matters to us.


We stick together because we know life can get tough. And when it does, no one is going to give you a hard time – instead there'll always be someone there to support you. If someone says “Hi” to you more than once a day, don't worry, it happens all the time, and we'd hate it to be any other way. A visitor's arrived? No need to look for a secretary – whoever's free will gladly get you a coffee. And when a shipment of gifts for clients arrived, we all roll up our sleeves and unload the van – you wouldn't want to leave it all to just one person, would?


We want you to express your personality. At our offices, you can run into metal heads, techno lovers, disco kings, some of us have brightly coloured hair, and you may see a colleague zealously covering the drawing wall with concepts for a new process. We don't hide away, either literally or figuratively. You can talk to anyone about anything. Got a great idea? Don't be afraid to share it! If it makes sense and you can see it through, you can bring it to fruition. The only sticks we beat with here are drumsticks. Freedom helps us achieve better results, but don't mistake it for recklessness. When you make a decision alone, you think about the team, when you decide as a team, you think of the whole company.


LMC is never boring. Our offices are bustling with life, always full of people, and sometimes even pets, children, music and laughter. The popping of a bottle champagne is nothing out of the ordinary, and although some may not indulge, we still celebrate together, be it a business success or someone's birthday. There's no room for uncomfortable silences or wet blankets here! Instead you can challenge someone to a foosball match or a board game battle! Are you ready? 😊

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