1.1  Alma Career Czechia s.r.o., with its registered office at Menclova 2538/2, Libeň, 180 00 Prague 8, the Czech Republic, ID No. 264 41 381, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 82484 ("Alma Career"), issues these Product Terms of the Jobote Service for Clients ("Product Terms") governing other terms of use of the Electronic System and by Clients and the provision of related Services to Clients.

1.2  The rights and obligations of Alma Career and the Client not expressly stipulated in these Product Terms are governed by Alma Career’s General Terms and Conditions for Businesses ("GTC") available at the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

1.3  In the event of any discrepancy between these Product Terms and the GTC, these Product Terms shall prevail.

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1.5  An informative English translation of these Product Terms is available at In case of discrepancies between the English or other foreign language version, the Czech language version shall prevail.


2.1  The terms used in these Product Terms have the following meaning:

(a)  Referrer:  individual in a contractual relationship with the Client (usually the Client's employee or the person otherwise cooperating with the Client, for example, on the basis of a service agreement, assignment contract, etc.) and directly addressed by the Client with the offer of remuneration for the recommendation of the Job Applicants to their vacancies.

(b)  Remuneration: price paid by the Client to the Referrer in return for recommending a Job Applicant and their subsequent hiring by the Client for employment or any other similar contractual relationship, as well as meeting other terms, in the amount specified by the Client when entering the job position in the Electronic System.

(c)  Job Applicant: individual who is interested in a Client's position posted in the Electronic System and uses the Electronic System.

2.2  Other terms used in these Product Terms but not defined herein have the meaning defined in the GTC.


3.1  The Services provided by Alma Career to the Client are listed in the Agreement.

3.2  By entering into the Agreement, the Client also undertakes to pay the Remuneration to the Referrer under the terms set forth below. The terms and the amount of the Remuneration will be determined by the Client when entering a job position in the Electronic System. The terms for the payment of the Remuneration are determined by the Client and must be approved by the Referrer prior to the recommendation of each job position, together with the terms and conditions set forth by Alma Career within the use of the Electronic System.

3.3 The obligation to pay the Remuneration is governed exclusively by a special arrangement between the Client and the Referrer. There is no liability arising between Alma Career and the Referrer in relation to the payment of the Remuneration. Alma Career is not a party to the contractual relationship between the Client and the Job Applicant or between the Client and the Referrer.


4.1  Using the Services requires the registration of the Client in the corresponding Electronic System, as well as the registration and assignment of the relevant Referrer to the specific Client. The Client assigns the Referrer to the Client.

4.2  The Client agrees that the Referrer's recommendations may take place on the basis of (i) a particular recommendation of the Job Applicant, or (ii) a non-specific recommendation through a hyperlink unique for each Referrer.

4.3  The Client acknowledges and agrees that Alma Career is not able to control and influence the behaviour of the Referrers. However, Alma Career undertakes to provide the Client with reasonable cooperation in order to identify fraudulent behaviour by the Referrers or Job Applicants.

4.4  By concluding the Agreement and publishing the relevant job position, the Client undertakes to pay the Remuneration to the Referrer once the latter has fulfilled the terms set forth below.

4.5  The Client agrees that the terms for the Referrer's entitlement to the Remuneration are as follows:

(a)  TheRemunerationmayonlybeobtainedinassociationwithrecommendingthejob position listed in the Job List, which is published in the relevant part of the Electronic System.

(b)  The recommendation of an appropriate person for a particular job position and the subsequent hiring of that person by the Client for employment or another similar contractual relationship concerning that particular job position. The moment of making the recommendation will be deemed as (i) the moment of sending the first response by the Referrer to the specific recommended Job Applicants, or (ii) the moment when the Job Applicant sends their first response to the offered job position through a personalised hyperlink unique for each Referrer.

4.6  Every Client is entitled to provide additional terms (introduced with the symbol "i"), which entitle the Referrer to the payment of the Remuneration. Such additional terms must not conflict with these Product Terms or any other terms governing the use of this Electronic System.

4.7  The Client undertakes to pay to the Referrer the Remuneration if the Referrer has fulfilled all of the terms specified above.


5.1 These Product Terms are valid and effective as of 1. 1. 2024.

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