Our activities in the South region

CSR projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Parallel to the World Bank project, MarketMakers was a private sector development project aimed at job creation for youth. It included non-formal education, career guidance and support for industry associations.

This was a program supported by the Swiss government, as part of Switzerland's contribution to the transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards a socially inclusive market economy and a decentralized, democratic political system. The Swiss government awarded the implementation of MarketMakers to a consortium that included HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and Kolektiv (MojPosao.ba). This combination brought together international development expertise and experience with the specific knowledge of a national partner and leader on the regional labor market.

The MarketMakers project began implementing activities supporting sustainable youth employment in cooperation with the private sector in2012, and activities ceased at the end of May 2023.

Alma Careers’ local Kolektiv (MojPosao.ba) implemented a youth employment project in Bosnia and Herzegovina financed by the government of Switzerland, through which they managed to create or improve over 4,600 employment opportunities for young people with the BPO sector accounting for 48% of the total. The project also focused on improving non-formal education opportunities, resulting in 3,272 young individuals participating in supported educational initiatives, with a focus on increasing the employability of women and people with disabilities. 

The project's impact is evident in the number of businesses that adopted new growth-oriented practices, with 2,483 enterprises implementing these practices and 638 reporting revenue growth. The private sector also demonstrated significant interest, investing approximately 19.8 million CHF in targeted sectors. 


CSR project in Croatia

Considering that MojPosao is the number one job portal in Croatia, we try to help all groups that are less represented on the labor market: women, young people, ethnic groups, the disabled, etc.  

Many significant events are staged throughout the year: “Women in business”, “Business tailored to children and families”, “How to support young people on the labor market”, “The Milky Way race”, etc.

MojPosao also supports the Key Difference project – where employers are encouraged to hire jobseekers with disabilities.

And as we know that the young shall change the world, we sponsor and participate in a national campaign called “Evening of mathematics”, in which young people from kindergartens, schools and colleges are taught that math is educational, but also very interesting and cool. We want to show them that STEM is the education of the future.

Other, even more important dates are supported during the year: International Day of Women and Girls in Science, World Autism Awareness Day, International Day of Tolerance, International Day of People with Disabilities, International Day of Mental Health, International Day of Social Inclusion, Pride, etc. Regarding sustainability, we support Earth Day, World Recycling Day, etc.

The greatest focus currently lies on cooperation with the association Zamisli, which works with people with disabilities. Making the world of work more inclusive is a real challenge, so we want to raise awareness about the employment of people with disabilities. The goal of our cooperation is to research and discover what problems people face when trying to find a job, but also the issues facing companies when they hire persons with disabilities. A second survey out of five is being conducted. After the data has been collected the results will be published as a comprehensive report. Parallel to this, various workshops are being organized: “How to create the best CV”, “How to apply for a job”, a digital marketing workshop and an HR workshop. We would like to share insights into the world of work and guide them on the path to finding a job or changing roles.