1.1  Alma Career Slovakia s.r.o. with its registered office in Bratislava - Staré Mesto, Pribinova 19, Postcode 811 09, the Slovak Republic, ID No. 35 800 861, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court Bratislava III, Section Sro, Insert 22949/B ("Alma Career"), issues these Profesia Product Terms for Clients governing other terms of use of the Electronic System Profesia by Clients and the provision of related Services to Clients (“Product Terms”).

1.2  The contractual matters between Alma Career and the Client not expressly stipulated in these Product Terms are governed by Alma Career’s General Terms and Conditions for Businesses ("GTC") available at and the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

1.3  In the event of any discrepancy between these Product Terms and the GTC, these Product Terms shall prevail.

1.4  Alma Career's current contact and billing information is available at

1.5  An informative English translation of these Product Terms is available at In case of discrepancies between the English or other foreign language version, the Slovak language version shall prevail.


2.1 The terms used in these Product Terms have the following meaning:

(a)  Job Seeker: a User as defined in the Terms of Use of Alma Career Electronic system for Users who uses the Services of Electronic System Profesia.

(b)   CV Database: a database containing CVs created and/or published by Job Seekers in the Electronic System.

(c)  Price List: a list / an overview of currently valid prices and other services is available at

2.2 Other terms used in these Product Terms but not defined herein have the meaning defined in the GTC.


3.1 After successful registration in the Electronic System, the Client is entitled to publish the

Job Offer. The Job Offer is published according to the following rules:

(a)  TheClientshallpublishtheJobOfferinaccordancewiththecontentcriteriasetout for the Electronic System in the GTC.

(b)  Alma Career reserves the right to modify the Job Offer in order to comply with the customs and practices for filling in the forms in the Electronic System, in particular if it is a formal modification.

(c)  The time of publication of the Job Offer shall be determined by the Client. The period of publication of the Job Offer chosen by the Client shall be in accordance with the Price List.

(d) The Client is not entitled to change the information published in the text and title of the Advertisement to an extent that it would constitute a change to the offer. Alma Career has right to evaluate whether the change constitutes a change in the offer and, if so, to refuse the Client's request to change the information, or Alma Career shall be entitled to charge the full price of the next Advertisement for each such change; in the case of an Advertisement issued from a prepaid credit, Alma Career shall be entitled to withdraw for each change the full number of credits for which the original offer was issued.

3.2  The Job Seeker is entitled to respond (reply) to a Job Offer published in the Profesia Electronic System.

3.3  When responding to the Job Offer, the Job Seeker uploads/attaches a CV and other attachments, if applicable. The Job Seeker may grant the Client consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of inclusion in the next selection process or in the database of job seekers of the Client. Providing consent is the sole and voluntary decision of the Job Seeker and for the purpose of proving the consent provided, if any, the relevant record of the consent provided is recorded in the Electronic System.

3.4  Information about data processing or the wording of the consent is available to Job Seekers in the Profesia Electronic Systems. The model text of the information obligation or the text of the consent may be modified by mutual agreement of the Parties.


4.1  Alma Career provides Clients with protected access to the CV Database. In justified cases, in particular in the case of new Clients who - in Alma Career's opinion - are at risk of misuse of the data of Job Seekers contained in the CV Database, Alma Career is entitled to restrict or deny access to the CV Database to such Clients; the foregoing does not relieve the Client of responsibility for the processing of the data. The Client is entitled to use the data on Job Seekers obtained from the CV Database exclusively for the purpose of searching for a suitable employee.

4.2  CVs stored in the CV Database contain personal data of Job Seekers and, respectively also special categories of personal data.

4.3  The personal data contained in the CV is provided to the Clients in the Electronic System.

4.4  The Client acknowledges that Alma Career does not obtain personal data on the basis of the Client's authorization. Alma Career obtains personal data and subsequently provides it to the Client based on the decision/will of the Job Seeker.

4.5  In the case of the Service consisting of access to the CV Database, the Client is not entitled to use any systems that allow automatic data processing when searching the database, as this places an excessive load on the Electronic Systems. The use of any system that allows automated data processing when searching Alma Career's databases (including the CV Database) shall be deemed a material breach of the Contract.


5.1  Alma Career provides additional Services in accordance with the Price List.

5.2  The terms and conditions of the additional Services are available in the Price List.


6.1 In providing the Services through the Electronic Systems of Profesia, the Parties acknowledge that with respect to the creation of the Job Seeker's account(s) in the Electronic System in (i) responding to the Job Offer and (ii) disclosing the CV Database, available, they have the status of a separate personal data controller and act independently and on their own behalf with respect to the Job Seeker. The Client acknowledges that as an independent data controller is obliged to comply with all obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, in particular the information obligation, which may be performed through the Electronic Systems Profesia as set out in Article 3.4 of these Product Terms. This is without prejudice to

(a)  Alma Career's status as a personal data processor in connection with the Job Seeker's response to a Job Offer and the processing of the Job Seeker's data for the Client in the Electronic System; and

(b)   the Job Seeker's right as a data subject to exercise his/her rights against any Party as an independent data controller.

6.2 These Product Terms are valid and effective as of 1. 1. 2024.

Alma Career