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Other Services

Online Career Fairs

Virtual Valley is fully responsive and multi-language web platform for online fairs created by MojPosao. With all available features and functionalities Virtual Valley is great for both visitors and exhibitors. Visitors can visit a large number of stands in a short period of time from the comfort of their home using any of the following devices: mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Exhibitors, on the other hand, can organize fairs that are easy to create and easy to use, cost effective and available 24/7 globally.

Visit virtualvalley.net to learn more.


Is an employee satisfaction survey created by MojPosao in 2007. This employee engagement survey provides insights about loyalty of your employees, their working conditions, level of commitment, but also on their human relations, quality of their communication, inclusion, personal growth and development. These key indicators can help you discover your start position and improve your management decision-making process of building positive and pleasurable work environment which sets ground for better overall business results.

Visit https://pulser.online/ to learn more.

Resume database

Gain access to millions of CVs from all fields and industries across Finland and Eastern Europe. Our services enable you to reach and engage with passive candidates and make your recruitment process proactive. We are using the most advanced resume search tools to help you choose only the best candidates into selection process. Each resume database is unique, and prices vary.

Visit Resume database availability_price list to learn more.