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Salary Data

Paylab international salary report is the right solution if you want to compare salaries for various positions in various countries or plan to expand into a new market and need to gain insight into salaries.

Paylab collects data with standardised survey directly from employees worldwide via Paylab.com and through localised partner websites in Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Paylab typically delivers salary data in this structure:

  • Salaries are based on positions by region, education, work experience, company size, industry
  • Total and basic salary
  • Analysis of financial benefits and annual bonuses
  • Average salary and all basic percentiles (1st decile, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, 9th decile)
  • Monitored non-financial benefits

Salary report Pro - one position

Salary report for any position and country:

Starting from 29€*
*For some countries the price could be higher. Price is without the VAT for one selected position.

Salary tool - more positions

unlimited number of Salary reports Pro  - one year subscription

Salary tool here:

Starting from 499€* *
*For some countries the price could be higher. Price is without the VAT.

There are several countries, where Paylab cooperates with local partners and provides localised salary portals:

*Availability of different options varies between countries. Contact us for more information for your respective country.
**Alma Career reserves the right to change product prices at any time and without further notice.

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