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Sourcing Services

Using Sourcing Services is becoming the norm in the recruitment world and is nearly mandatory in our markets.

Your advantage:
  • Saves you time – you don’t have to sort through applications that are not relevant.
  • Saves you money – no more posting the same position multiple times or to multiple platforms.
Why go with us:
  • Modern selection methods – you don´t need to invest into new recruitment methods as we did it.
  • In-depth knowledge of the local and regional job markets – you get the best expertise based on tens of years of our experience.
  • Passive candidates – we connect with candidates you would not otherwise find.

Each market has their own “traditions” which led to the creation of variety recuritment services fitted to client´s needs.

Our sourcing teams are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mojposao.ba successfully completed hundreds of recruitment projects in majority of the countries within the Adriatic region. They have reputation as to be one of the best leading recruitment agencies in the Balkans. Thanks to the services such as recruitment/selection and pre-selection, they are able to provide quick and quality solutions in accordance with client’s needs and successfully estimate candidate’s potential.

More information about services: Mojposao.ba recruitment services

Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

CV-Online Recruitment is a part of CV-Online group working in Baltic market around 20 years and more. This gives us a very good understanding of the job market. All of our leading recruitment agencies offer similar services with respect to the demand on local markets. In general are the most pupular services pre-selection and full selection.

More information about services:

CV-Online EE recruitment services

CV-Online LV recruitment services

CV-Online LT recruitment services

Czech Republic

Talent´em is the newest member among our recruitment companies within Alma Media Group, celebrating success with service called Short list of suitable candidates. Company developed systems for online communication and implemented artificial intelligence tools in their IT systems for processing a large number of unstructured information.

More information about services: Talentem SHORT LIST

Recruitment services available in:


  • Pre-selection
  • Full Selection
  • Other services

Estonia – CV-Online EE

More information about services: CV-Online EE recruitment services

Latvia - CV-Online LV

More information about services: CV-Online LV recruitment services

Lithuania - CV-Online LT

More information about services: CV-Online LT recruitment services

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mojposao.ba

  • Cv search of candidates
  • Preselection of candidates
  • Recruitment and Selection

More information about services: Mojposao.ba recruitment services

Czech Republic – Talent´em

  • Short list of suitable candidates
  • Headhunting

More information about services: TalentemSHORT LIST

*Availability of different options varies between countries. Contact us for more information for your respective country.
**Alma Career reserves the right to change product prices at any time and without further notice.

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