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Ny Teknik Jobs help you succeed in your recruitment efforts by reaching Sweden’s most dedicated, educated and knowledgeable Engineers, IT-professionals, Technicians and Executives in Tech companies.

97% of our readers acknowledges Ny Teknik Jobs as the most serious job board for Engineers when they consider the next step in their career.

With Dagens Media Jobs you reach Sweden's top Marketers, Communicators, Media Specialists, Sales Specialists and Managers.

Statistics from Ny Teknik 

  • Unique visitors / week
    128 700

Statistics from Dagens Media

  • Unique visitors / week
    83 222


  • Average monthly salary: 34.000 Crowns / 5526€
  • Unemployment rate: 6.8 %
  • Population: 9.9 M
  • Member of EU: Yes

Biggest industries

  • Iron and steel
  • Precision equipment
  • Pulp and paper

Recruitment tips:

Look like you
  • Make your ad match your company’s visual identity or let out experts do that for you.
Make use of professionals
  • Let us put you in contact with a consultant who can suggest the most effective solutions to match your specific needs, a plain job ad is not always enough!
Tell them what you offer
  • Having salary visible on the job ad can attract more applications.

*Salaries vary between locations and industries. Visit www.paylab.com to learn more about salaries.

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